2018/19 New Reception START TIMES

9th July 2018
We look forward to your child joining us in September 2018. Welcome to Knop Law Primary School. 
School begins, for the academic year 2018/19, on Tuesday, 4th September 2018.
In the first week: 
Miss Carnaffin's class will attend school mornings only - from 08.45 to 11.00
Mrs Richardson's class will attend school afternoons only - from 12.50 to 14.50
In the second week:
BOTH classes will attend 08.45 to 13.50
The children will stay for lunch.
In the third week:
BOTH classes will attend 08.30 to 14.55
These will be normal school times thereafter.
Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing your child in September. 
Ms. Simpson