Our Knoplaw YouTube channel has an archive of video projects by pupils at Knop Law Primary School and will be used to showcase future video editing and use by our pupils. Our videos have been viewed over 17,000 times across the world with emails from schools in Brazil, India and Germany thanking us for giving their pupils ideas about their own projects! 
Have a look at some of the most popular videos:
An excellent example of video and audio editing. Here pupils used MS Photostory software to create a collage of images from a comic verison of Shakespeare's Macbeth - the Scottish play! Pupils then voice-overed the narration and timed it to match the imagery along with a suitable soundtrack in the background! 
This is a video collage of a show-stopping performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller which pupils helped to edit. Note the picture-in-picture video of the choreography footage used to teach the other pupils the King of Pop's moves!
Pupils used video editing software to cut a movie trailer and re-edit it in a different theme. Here, it was to make the War of the Worlds trailer have a scarier theme!
Our Reception children from some years ago dressed and behaved true to the theme of their learning - the Victorians! Even the teachers were very much in role!
Pupils used stop-motion animation software and a specially positioned camera to film this scene representing a creative take on our school logo.