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Knop Law Primary School

Our ACE Curriculum 

We aim to provide an education which is ACE!

We aspire to offer an exceptional education where each child is valued as a unique individual with special skills and talents. We aim to offer outstanding opportunities which will enable our children to thrive and grow into creative, successful young people.

Download or view our exploration of what an #ACE Curriculum is about:

#ACE Curriculum Overview

Our ACE curriculum across Key Stage 1 and 2: 

View or download our Curriculum Overview to find out more about Intent, Implementation and Impact:


Specific to our context are high levels of engagement with arts and culture to develop enjoyment, life skills and talent (cultural capital). We also have a focus upon equality and diversity as preparation for life in Newcastle, GB and the wider world. We offer an A.C.E. curriculum - including: 





 Find our more about our curriculum: