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Knop Law Primary School


Our aim is to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning. Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surrounds them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject.

At Knop Law Primary School we follow a maths mastery approach to teaching and learning in mathematics.  Mathematics equips pupils with the uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. We feel it is vital that a positive attitude towards mathematics is encouraged amongst all of our pupils in order to foster confidence and achievement to develop mathematical skill that are important in everyday life. We also aim to develop resilience and self-confidence in mathematics as it is integral to all aspects of life.

We aim to provide pupils with a mathematics curriculum and high-quality teaching to produce individuals who are numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident. We also aim to provide a stimulating environment through the use of real-life contexts and adequate resources so that pupils can develop their mathematical skills to the full.

We follow a maths mastery approach and are part Great North Maths Hub. Mastering maths means pupils acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject (NCETM 2021). The phrase ‘teaching for mastery’ also describes the elements of classroom practice and school organisation that combine to give pupils the best chances of mastering maths. We have a fully trained maths mastery specialist teacher which gives the school access to expertise as well as the opportunity to share good practice with other schools through ongoing professional development and teacher research groups.

For more information see our Visitors Guide to Mathematics

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