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Knop Law Primary School


At Knop Law we believe that a high quality and enjoyable physical education programme is a vital part of a child’s development.

We aim to develop each child’s physical confidence and skills enabling them to lead healthy lifestyles.


Through our curriculum we offer the children opportunities to compete both against themselves and others, in order to build self-confidence, resilience and a sense of fair-play. The curriculum is designed to enable all children to participate including those who are more able as well as those with additional needs. Through the P.E. and Sports premium we aim to:

  • Increase participation in sport helping children to become healthier, fitter and happier
  • Increase the range of sporting opportunities, both inside and outside of school hours, we will discover talents and signpost children and parents to find a sport that suits their own personality, needs and abilities
  • Develop vital life skills about teamwork, how to handle pressure and overcome fear, and develop self-discipline
  • Develop commitment, perseverance and confidence required for competitive sports which can be transferred across to the academic areas of learning

 We are fortunate to have an outstanding school site which features a modern Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA) and ample field space for a range of sports. We are excited to share Knop Law's sporting achievements and celebrations with you. Follow us on Twitter to get regular updates too! Here we would like to showcase just some of the wonderful sport our pupils enjoy: 


Annual Sports Day
Every year, we invite parents, carers, friends and our local community to join us on our school field to celebrate our annual Knop Law Sports Day! This is a time-honoured school event that brings our whole school family together for a fun, healthy and competitive celebration of sports.


With help from our specialist instructors and staff - a range of events are competed for with pupils being awarded 1st to 4th stickers. Each house group's score is tallied and a winning house is declared. But as all the pupils know, all the people who take part are the real winners! A moment of great excitement at the end of each Sports Day event is when parents take part in races - including a sack race and Tug O' War!


As well as dance being a part of our curriculum, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with BalletLORENT and others to provide our pupils with outstanding dance experiences in and out of school. BalletLORENT 'holds at its heart a strong commitment to offering high quality dance experiences to as wide a range of people as possible, through creating diverse and accessible work for all ages and by designing complementary learning and participation programmes to support each of [their] productions.'



Cross Country

We are very excited about the opportunities we give pupils to be fit and to enjoy running. Each week, our Key Stage 2 pupils take in multiple 'Golden Miles' - where they complete a mile around our expansive school grounds.
We also have a very competitive and popular cross-country after-school club that makes great use of our ample field space. This is great preparation for the multitude of cross-country related events we take part in each year. 
We are very grateful to our parents / carers and staff who make our cross-country championship events such a wonderful community event. Our cross-country team has always done very well - and more importantly, our pupils have an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy running!


As well as being a very popular part of our curriculum - we also have an active gymnastics club. We have a great range of apparatus and equipment in school used by teachers and our specialist sports instructors.
We are also lucky to have a number of events in and out of school where our pupils can showcase their skills. Classes work on co-operative balancing techniques - creatively using a choice of equipment, apparatus...and themselves! 


Team Knoplaw love basketball! We encourage pupils to incorporate basketball into daily play with three sets of hoops on our site - and allocated MUGA time each day. Pupils travel to other schools and venues to train and compete - and as always, are very competitive!


There is no doubt that dodge-ball is one of the most popular sports sessions for many pupils!
The opportunity to play team Vs team and attempt to throw balls from your team to hit an opponent player is always an exciting prospect! Our pupils have enjoyed taking their dodge-ball skills on the road to compete against other schools. Remember the 5 D's of dodge-ball; dodge, duck, dive, dip and....dodge!