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Knop Law Primary School

Sports Premium

At Knop Law we believe that a high quality and enjoyable physical education programme is a vital part of a child’s development. We aim to develop each child’s physical confidence and skills enabling them to lead healthy lifestyles. 

Through our curriculum we offer the children opportunities to compete both against themselves and others, in order to build self-confidence, resilience and a sense of fair-play. The curriculum is designed to enable all children to participate including those who are more able as well as those with additional needs. Through the P.E. and Sports premium we aim to:

  • Increase participation in sport helping children to become healthier, fitter and happier
  • Increase the range of sporting opportunities, both inside and outside of school hours, we will discover talents and signpost children and parents to find a sport that suits their own personality, needs and abilities
  • Develop vital life skills about teamwork, how to handle pressure and overcome fear, and develop self-discipline
  • Develop commitment, perseverance and confidence required for competitive sports which can be transferred across to the academic areas of learning

We continue to be fully committed to using the government funding to its optimum. We will continue to provide high quality PE lessons within our school taught by our own class teachers alongside our own specialist PE teacher and external sports coaches. We will also strive to improve upon the number of opportunities we can give our children to be involved in and compete within competitive sports within the city and within our TRUST of schools.

 PE Premium Allocation 2021/22: £19,070

PE Premium Allocation 2022/23: £19,107

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