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Knop Law Primary School

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We would love to share with you some of our favourite Knop Law media, showcasing our #ACEknoplaw Curriculum and school life. 


At Knop Law, we believe that all children need opportunities to play which allow them to explore, manipulate, experience and affect their environment. We are an OPAL school, we value Outdoor Play and Learning. Watch this trailer celebrating our OPAL journey so far...


At Knop Law, there are No Outsiders. This award-winning video for a competition amongst schools in our Trust marked the third year in a row our school was chosen as winners. We hope you enjoy this lovely message!


In the hope of ending 55 years of hurt, when Jules Rimmet was still gleaming, the whole school joined together in song and dance before the big European football finals. After a day of work on diversity of the England team and the history of our successes and 'oh so nears', we all hoped it was 'coming home' but we will try again at the next World Cup!


For new starters to our school, we wanted to make a video showing them what their exciting new school-life would look like...


We performed at the Northern Stage in Newcastle-upon-Tyne as part of the national Shakespeare Festival in front of 500 people! Our performance of Macbeth was a wonderful experience for all the pupils, teachers and parents and carers involved. Freedom!!


With the help of our talented staff, we were able to narrate a calming video to help pupils centre and ready themselves through breathing. Have a go!
We were able to perform a virtual Christmas performance which pupils enjoyed immensely. 
During the pandemic, we share a number of videos as just way of connecting with our pupils and community. This is a video to reassure and explain what Home Learning was all about, introduced by our Head Teacher - Ms. Simpson.
Our staff also created this video to help home-learning pupils stay well and active:
Our Assistant Head Teacher, Mrs. Robertson, wrote and here performs a beautiful poem during the very first lockdown...
We are so proud of our pupils who worked SO hard throughout home-learning and lockdowns. This video was a thank you and celebration #WeAreKnopLaw