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Knop Law Primary School


Welcome to Knop Law Primary School

We aim to provide an education which is ACE!
We aspire to offer an exceptional education where each child is valued as a unique individual with special skills and talents. We aim to offer outstanding opportunities which will enable our children to thrive and grow into creative, successful young people. Thank you for visiting us. #ACEknoplaw 

Mrs. Charlton & Mrs. Grundy | Co Head Teachers

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Welcome to Knop Law

We are #ace!

Welcome to Knop Law

At our school, we are  READY to learn, RESPECTFUL to each other and always think about being SAFE.  These are our school rules and help us be ACE!

We have an Ambitious, Create & Engaging curriculum to help us thrive and grow into creative, successful young people. 

At Knop Law, we respect each others' race, religion, gender identity, age, disabilities, sexual orientation and gender. We are proud that to say, at Knop Law, there are NO OUTSIDERS!

 We hope you enjoy learning more about our school, thanks for visiting us! Follow us on Twitter or visit our YouTube Channel. 

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