Wild About Winter

25th February 2021
To celebrate the beauty and magic of winter, we would like to join our friends at 'The Barn At Easington' who have created a special family art-engagement project called Wild About Winter, a three-part story.
The first two parts are for all pupils (in school and at home) to work on with family. The third and final part will be used in school for all pupils. We think this amazing story of 'Wild About Winter' will inspire you to create or do something wonderful at home with all the family!
This week, watch Episode 1 of the three-part story here https://vimeo.com/508463238 which has just been released! 'It is a wonderful starting point for you to make your own art pieces, using the natural materials and objects that are around you' or 'to capture in photographs the small changes and beauty as winter slowly turns into spring.'
Perhaps you will go on a 'Wonder Walk' and submit a photo or video, make your own 'indoor' or 'outdoor' wolf (see https://vimeo.com/509038434 ) or something wonderfully different altogether! When you return to school, you can bring your creations in for us all to see! You may have seen the incredible 'wolf' that visited our school! We can't wait to see what you choose to do this week, have fun and let's get... Wild about Winter!