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Our school has been judged by Ofsted to be OUTSTANDING in all areas! You can view the full report here...
In its 'Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils', OFSTED remarked that:
Pupils’ achievement is outstanding. They enter the Reception Year with typical skills for their age. Pupils make rapid and sustained progress throughout the school so that by the end of Year 6, standards in mathematics, writing and reading are high. Also...

 Teachers plan exciting lessons that interest all
pupils. They create many opportunities for
pupils to work together and to learn from
research activities.

 Teachers use pupils’ past learning
exceptionally well. This helps them set work
that matches pupils’ needs and abilities.

 Teaching assistants, and other adults, are
used extremely well to support pupils’
learning both in class and in small group
activities outside the classroom.

 Behaviour is outstanding because pupils take
exceptional responsibility for their learning.
This makes a very strong contribution to their
outstanding progress.

 Pupils say they enjoy school and that they are
safe. Parents and staff strongly agree that
pupils are safe and enjoy school.

 The curriculum offers many exciting
opportunities for learning with pupils taking
part in many additional activities. It makes an
outstanding contribution to pupils’ spiritual,
moral, social and cultural development.

 As a result of outstanding leadership and
management, pupils are exceptionally well
prepared for the next stage of their education.