Confirmed Term Dates:

Term dates for relevant schools in Newcastle's Local Authority can be found at their School Holidays and Term Dates resource.

Pupils must attend school on 190 days per year.  The school year is normally divided into three terms - autumn, spring and summer. The school term and holiday dates shown below are for all community schools in Newcastle and have been set by the local authority. 


School training day

In addition to the 190 pupil days during the school year, teaching staff must also be available for work on 5 extra days (or the equivalent of 30 hours). These days are commonly referred to as training days and are used for staff development. Each individual school decides when their training days will take place. Some training days may be taken within the identified term times and on these days schools will be closed to pupils.

'Schools often decide to have training days at the start or end of term which means that not all schools will start and end their terms at the same time. Your child's school will let you know when their term starts and finishes and when they will close for staff training.'