Video Poem For Year 6

11th May 2020
We are delighted to share a poem written by Mrs. Robertson for our wonderful Year 6 pupils who would have been sitting their SATs exams this week! The whole Year 6 team and school are thinking of you: 
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Today’s the eleventh day of May,
So what? I hear some people say.
A very important day of the year,
That many of you often fear.
A day to show what you can do,
To shine and make us proud of you.
Hard work and effort you’ve put in,
At last it’s here and you can win.
A week of tests was due to start
And we’re all supposed to play our part
But not this year, it’s all gone wrong,
We’re in lockdown for who knows how long.
SATs are cancelled, classes closed,
We’ll never know the questions posed.
Now you learn on-line at home,
That’s why we write this little poem.
But we don’t need those tests to know,
How far you’ve come and where you’ll go.
We’ve watched you grow for seven years,
It’s strange how fast time disappears.
You’re all amazing, we know that,
With or without the dreaded SAT
Stay strong and safe and be who you are
As you head off to be a shining star!